My first heartbreak: what to do

I have been through a lot throughout all my lifetime.
I have been through tears
And a whole bunch of disgrace.
The first time I felt my heart literally sinking through my chest I knew my heart had finally broke.
The feeling I have never felt before the fare the punishment the tears.
I wondered if it had worth it, at first it make no sense but traveling through it months upon months I found the truth as I was lost in thoughts, in the past in a decade of in reliance. I was stuck with misunderstanding, misleading and a broken heart. Realizing now how terrible it can be I fear for my life depending not on fate or anything else. My first heartbreak and until now I am still in love with my heartbreaker.  But what to do.. Sitting in love are living with it..
Is it love or is it curse?
You tell me I don’t know.

Tamica James




  1. As a 16-year-old friend of mine said after his first heartbreak: “As difficult as it may prove to be at times, it’s important to accept that heartbreak is a part of life. No one escapes the clutches of romantic disappointment, let down, and loneliness. Yet we all decide it’s worth the gamble to take our chances on the astoundingly impactful and life-altering bliss of love. I believe we should, in fact, be grateful when experiencing the sting of heartbreak, because all it means is that we were lucky enough to find someone who we subconsciously decided was so amazing that they were worth the profoundly painful sadness left behind in their absence where they once held a sacred place in our hearts.”

    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment it as surely prove to me the truth and fact about my heartbreak. It all makes sense now. And surely I have been totally let down..

    2. Hi Russell Ray how do I get my fans to like or comment on my blog everyone seems to be having a problem liking or commenting. Do they need a special email like a gmail to log in?

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