Through my eyes

Am floating on time, creating nursery rhymes.
The trip I took today a disappointment I say.
At first that is…
Through my eyes I see the world slightly slipping down a shallow slope. A spiteful domain, anguish, people having no hope.
Through my eyes I see human gods invading trying to dominate.
nominated by self, self proclaim god.
Through my eyes I see the sun goes down by night and the moon comes up with it’s light and nothing change the next day.
Painful delay.
Captivating lies. Friends and enemies are no different.
Shattered bones, old man stayed home alone his bones rattled and his teeth crackles, too ashamed to walk the streets. He was young and proud and too scornful for his own good. A once famous actress, the limelight couldn’t get enough of her now she sits home wondering.
Living under the influence, daddy comes home drunk at nights and with mummy he puts up a big fight.
Through my eyes. I look and I listen for the clock to tick, for the time to past. A day to come where I forget that broken path.
Through my eyes I see the woman next door with five kids living in a big house but unhappiness sparkles her tears.
The neighbor who covers up for his children’s wrong.
The man over there who run the lady off his land.
My uncle n his lady who was saved from that terrible crash and the man last night who got shot.
Through my eyes.
A window of hope for the less fortunate. A get rich or die trying for the ghetto youth. The rich will be richer and the poor poorer. A philosophy of lies.
Blacks still living in slavery.
A rastaman got beaten n chastised for his dread.
The gay man should shut up, there are no laws to protect him.
Children can’t go to school there are no books, no fathers.
Young girls getting pregnant.
People having abortion.
Through my eyes.
The bones of ancestors in the graves are turning, their spirits or fighting the shocking revelations of this generations, families turning against families. Brothers killing brothers. Sisters hating on sisters. “I am too rich for that bitch”.
Slanderous comments, making each others feel bad about themselves.
The portrait of stress.
The swing of deceitfulness.
The man in the moon, surely he ain’t coming out anytime soon. He is looking down on us from his distance. He’s finding his living peaceful no contamination.
Through my eyes.
Lots of food yet people are dying of hunger. Lots of money yet people are striking to get paid.
Through my eyes.
The blessings in disguise.
The miracle workers.
The church goers.
Despicable peoples. Liars.
Through my eyes.
I see a resentful world.
A hypocritical society.
And a bashful domain.

Tamica James




  1. This is wonderful! you capture life not just through your eyes but through a lot of other people eyes. At the same time some people shy away from reality and prefer to live in fiction. Great job! love your pics playful!

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