Purposes in life

Sometimes we sit and wonder what’s our next move. We ask ourselves is this right what we are doing?
What else can we do to make others happy. To make ourselves happier. To help other people’s.
We sit and ponder this for a while, we discuss it with others who give us there opinions, we take it or we leave it. Good.
But knowing what we are all depend on our inability, our visions, our sense of choosing the right path, the best step to take. We maximize and expand our thinking, our goodwill ship. Being a leader doesn’t always mean you can’t follow at times. Hitting the nail on the head don’t mean it won’t break or strike our fingers. We must know that in life we have set back but we must be stern and have a comeback. In order to move on, in order to do right, in knowing our purposes in life we must be vigilant, determine and color our stripes.



Tamica James




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