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After a tired feeling that have me down from last Friday and I was starting to think this was me now. I couldn’t walk two seconds without feeling tired, I couldn’t stay awake for five minutes, my eyes my body my entire world was starting to caved in on me. I couldnt hear my love voice my heart was racing my body weak. But throughout all this I push through the feelings, I did what I am suppose to do and accomplished my tasks. I get on my WPS and wrote my poem with sleepy eyes i even cry but God grant me something I don’t wish to talk about all I can saw it was that grant that help me to sleep last night and woke up this morning.


Creative hands
I did this through my struggles the style along can tell, through hardship there is victory.
By:Tamica James



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  1. It looks as though through your confusion and darkness you came out with something beautiful! this hairstyle. This is what life is about, when your back is against the wall you come out swinging.

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