Growing old

Growing old can be so many things. For me growing old means growing up, being a better person than the person I was yesterday. Seeing life at a angle now where there is so much ahead and so little behind. I figured that me growing older as today indeed I am one year older than me last year as today I celebrate me being 31, yesterday I was 30. I figure that life is not always what we make it and we of to plan ahead for years to come.


Happy birthday to me!!!

It all might seems well but this morning when I woke I didn’t have but $500 ja dollar, I thought this was it my bday plans was off but as the day progresses I found my self with more money I am thanking God now because for some reason I feel like am having the best bday by myself and it by myself because there is not one friend or family here with me and am loving it. Getting old growing old is such a blessing for me, I was so young but now am taking my own little time getting there. This is the opportune time for me to say I love you Suzette my beautiful and God sent cousin with all my heart. Tears!!! Seriously crying I am feeling awfully bless to live to see another day. Thanks to my family and friends and mostly God for giving me this opportunity…

Tamica James



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