What family means to me.

Family to me is a blessing.
Having a family can only be one thing and that’s JOINING everything we have to each others.  Love, support and trusting in one another.
Caring to show how we love
Love to show how we care.
Its that blood that create the chain link, separation can only do one think and that’s weakened the link but having a strong durable background then nothing can pull your link. No storm or hurricane can pull us apart. In every family you have issues but how you resolve that issue is what really matters.  No seperating the blood


Family we are not just

Alexia and Tamica

We of to have each others back that when the enemies try to come in on pull us apart we know just about what to do. Family to me is like the best thing a person could live for, knowing how much you have a bunch or branch a people in your circle long term and no matter what you will always have them joining to u by blood. One thing I remember people always say is that blood thicker than water.
Love my family to the end.

Tamica James



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