Finding love not searching.

I am not searching for love
I stopped doing that yesterday.
I am not searching for love,
I am not doing that anymore.

Yesterday I stop looking
Yesterday I made my decision.
I decided I won’t search anymore,
I decide its not worth it.

I already found my  lover
I found my love.
The person of my dream,
The one with whom I want to spend my life with.

I found him yesterday.
I know you might be saying that was quick but I found my love and I wont be searching anymore.

Today I am happy
Today I am glad
I have searched long enough and have searched so hard.
Now I found you and I have no regrets.

My heart will not be broken,
Has it as just mend
I will never greive,
I will not weep this lost
I will not loose.

The solution to my problem as just now Solve.
I have never been happier.
Finding love not searching.

I found you
I found you.


Cheers to me
I am in love,

Tamica James



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