Dont try to change me

If you discovered my pass and you try to throw it in my face,

then that all too good a waste.

I am grown and i live past that, i don’t do things out of curiosity and that’s a fact.

I never allow people the opportunity to get their hopes up with me.

Take it one day at a time and just let things be.

I don’t get drag down by my emotion, i’m a fighter and i know i am.

I careless what you think about me, but never you try to change who i am.


Don’t take me for granted

Don’t misjudge my kindness and take it for granted.

Don’t beleive for a split moment that am too soft and gentle so i can be pushed around.

Don’t try to discourage my opportunity to better myself in life.

Don’t take me for granted.


Shadows smiles

Today i feel like a brand new person, a brand new being.

I woke up this morning to a chapter of “Alice in wonderland” the birthday party; a morning crunch! lol…

Smiling faces and tender hearts braces.

The touch of love.

Shadows  smiles and heart races.

just to embrace the moments.

Night gowns, unwashed faces.

Champagne drinking and cake cutting, great tasting, ah!

Shadows smiles and tender heart braces.

Happy birthday Carlette, a well deserve surprise.

you deserved it i won’t lie.

Spuggy said so too, and you know he is your boo… abeey!

Wishing you lots more and thanks for everything.

oh! precious Jesus you guys trim Spuggy am gonna cry.

He is cute though. no lie!

Have a great day!!! words done.



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