New Branches Strong Roots


Together we are strong,

From root we hold on as a united generation.

We are young and firm, only us can built the fruits that will come next,  as girls growing into ladies we create our future plans but they don’t always go the way we wish they would go as sometimes we get caught up in different medium, different living and different situation. Life doesn’t always lead in our direction but with a strong determination, strength and courage we can persevere with the help of each others, we are family and nothing can change that. We can carry on the tradition of our foreparent or we can choose to go out and develop our own products but what we choose today will determine who we become tomorrow. we of to save the blood before it drips and drift away so our children and grand children can know the root and continue to build new branches.




On this day our family will come together to spread joy, cheers and happiness with each other’s.

The bond we share will never be broken as our blood is what binds us together.

Throughout our lives and generations we have join together forever with love.

We have the secrecy of family flattering in our hearts like wings of a dove.

Because we are so many and our lives must change like leaves on trees we are scattered.

It gives us opportunity so that we can create our own family to have and hold, and give them the strength our grandmother gave us and that’s what really mattered.

But no matter where we go and what we’ve got the branch of family will forever brought us back.

The physical feature and the inseparable blood is our connection.

Love happiness and sincere affection.

Like a unique and concrete fraternity we were built in for eternity.

Tamica James


The authenticity of our beloved family.


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