Education means out

Education means out;

Out of suffering, out of bandage.

Back in the days of slavery, most wasn’t educated so they had to be living under the government of the slave masters. No slave masters wanted their slaves to be educated because they know if they started learning to read or write then this would start being a problem for them. But being uneducated doesn’t mean you are stupid.

Learning the philosophies of life means out,

learning right from wrong, left from right means out.

Learning to to take risk and making changes means out.

Out of what?

Out of captivity,

Out of slavery,

Out of bandage,

Out of your parent house.

Stepping out and not looking back, being wise enough to make life on your own, wise enough to make enough for today and tomorrow.

Learning nothing means having nothing, learning something means having everything.

Don’t be fool by your college degree or your PhD’s.

Education doesn’t stop at degrees, some of the inventors didn’t need that. Being educated doesn’t mean books, its wisdom, knowledge and understanding that does most thinking. without those we are doomed.

Don’t be fooled by those who think they’re wiser because they’re brilliant in book.

Let them check out how good you can cook or braid a hair!.

Education means out

Out of poverty

Out of pain

Out of the ghetto.

Education is using wisdom.

Your God given talent is education, embarking on it and using it for good for yourself and for bettering the nation and society, teaching someone your skill giving them the opportunity to survive is educating enough.

If i can go around teaching and helping people to be happy that means out for me, out with my arts out with my craft… showing, teaching it to the world.

Believing in one’s self, having a high self esteem, being guided by your intuition and having a strong support system means out.

Out into the world,

Out creating opportunity

Out to conquer,

Out to succeed.

Tamica James



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