The Sunday Dance

The Sunday dance; the norm on a Sunday for most locals.

Now this is not a literal dance, Sunday is just a day for the mover and the shakers and the breath takers.

Gospel Music plays in the morning in almost every house there is,

A broom or rake can be heard moving to the rhythm of the Sunday beat.

the old iron grater grate the good old native coconut, on over flowing of sweet scent coming through people’s door, the steaming down of pork, fish, chicken and that sweet Jamaican goat mmm! capture the taste buds, can you smell it?.

I thought so too!

Church goers just heading out to the sanctuary,

Party goes just coming in from the Saturday night rave.

“Good morning” i just call to the neighbor next day, he wave back and continue moving to his old school gospel.

letting off the steam from the hectic week, what other morning to do it but on a Sunday.

rushing off to work, checking the time every ten second, wondering if am later, trust me that just totally not great.

Dancing to the Sunday beat

today who care about the heat.

sitting down with family having a good convo,

talking about the week that was,

Going to visit the shut-in’s bringing them cakes and things.

Children playing in the front yard,

Chicken picks up the corns.

Smiling to the Sunday darn, the sun sets it ray right on the well manicured lawn.

All about the Sunday morn;

There ain’t no stopping anyone today.

The sun rises in the morning, beautiful Jam Dung Jamaica

No compelling.

Lawd Jesas how mi figot di sundey quarrel!

So much for the Sunday dance.

Tamica James



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