You don’t do what i want you to do

Where in this world can i find a yes man?

I don’t know but he is out there somewhere, searching for me perhaps;

I painfully sit and think about this more days than most, how do i find a man who love me enough to do what i want.

I find a man. BUT!

He doesn’t do what i want him to do. its always a no for him,

Help me with the dishes … NO

help me hang the clothes on the line… No

help me get the kids dress… No

help me with dinner today… No

this no thing is really stressing.

Getting the perfect someone and keeping them is hard.

we search the universe and back to find our perfect match.

we take what we want and leave what we don’t. or won’t

beacon of love stretch across our heart,

as it gallop with wondrous thought.

thinking the perfect match had come alas

he fits the perfect seat in my class.

he pass the test,

for being the best.

but only for a month or two,

yes its true!

men are like that and we all knew,

it doesn’t take long for their fake to dissolved and the real them starts to show.

*    *     *

All i want is for you to say yes to something.

you never do what i want, and you think it’s cool.

you never try to understand the pressure i’m in,

the things that i have don’t to make this our perfect life.

You never do what i want and you don’t care.

for me always being there, through sickness and health, till death do us apart.

you never seems to remember those lines at all.

You never do what i want and its a fact.

i give you a hundred and more, i travel the universe and back.

i might get fifty which is not good, for you it might be but for me, that shouldn’t be

i wont accept it, i cant see through it.

all am asking is for a day,

just for you to say


i will do what you want.



Tamica James



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