If I try to think

I will just relax a bit, I will not put much pressure on what’s happening.
If I try to think then I probably will go crazy.
My mine flooding with thoughts of yesterday,  of last month,  of last year and the past five years.
My brain is about to collapse,
Should I regret it all or should I just continue to believe that’s things will get better.
I won’t burst in tears
I won’t cry my pain away.
Obviously its not going away no matter how I try.
Life refuse to give mev what I deserve,  I refuse to sit and watch it all go to waste.
My talent
My ideas
My integrity.
I deserve better,  ☆☆☆
I deserve to be happy
If I think about it I might go crazy.
A star in disguise.
I will rise to the top
One fine day.
No more promises
No more broken heart ♡
No more.
Tamica James

Tamica James

Talent… Tamica James.


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