I managed

When the pain strike and the volume too high I managed:
I cut my finger the blood sprays out
I couldn’t help my pain I had to shout.
When I saw it red and running
I started to cry it started burning.
I wash my tears away
Then I started to pray.
I remembered I had a job to do
My mind now confused.
This could not be true, I needed some extra cash to take me through.
I dress it then put a bandaid on
It still was bleeding and burning,
I had one thing on my mind and that was to go and do my job without fear.
I took the journey and I went on my precious way. To fulfill that what I set my heart on from day.
I accomplished my task,
At last.
Wasn’t going to let it get in my way to make something extra you know.
Crying over spilled milk won’t help, but determination will help you get through.
As we trod this journey we call life there will be roadblocks.
But never you fear those attacks
Because God as your back.
Be Determined
Be strong
Have Perseverance
And you will be successful.



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