A rerun of my poem “let me tough it out”

Let me tough it out

I have seen it in words and I have heard others cry.
I never know I would live it. I can’t lie,
To myself I can’t.
To myself I wont.
I was happier not knowing,
I would be happier if you just keep pretending.
My heart has been broken, not from love but from hoping.
Praying in certainty that this was my chance, I finally found love in advance.
But is it right to say…
I just cant understand, no way!
Tear drops keep streaming down,
My heart keep bleeding, i could hear the sound.
Of disappointment dripping,
Crumbling heart slipping.
I sleep with tears in my eyes and I woke up with it lingering by.
No happy song to sing in the morning
Just me with my heartbreak yarning.
I’m legally a fool to actually thought this would be cool.The one I hold so bold now turn my heart cold.
I am sour
I am bitter
But i’lI turn it around at this very hour. not everything shines baby also glitter.
Amma tough it out. I refuse to go down like that! I can do better….that’s what my life’s about!!!

Tamica James



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