Its not over until it’s done

Its not over until it’s done.

I fought a good fight,  but was it right?
The energy i pour out was it is waste? 
The fruity taste that was once in my mouth as now become bitter,  the sheding of uncalled for sweat.
The world stood at my feet and watch me almost die. It porpostly closed it’s eyes.
I dig around to find that one person on whom i could rely. But right before i held their on they too slippes away; i wondered why.
I hang on to the last breath i had.  Hoping it too wouldnt make me sad.
I close my eyes and held back my tears.
What had gone wrong, what have i feared.  Like in a prison bound by gaurds.  I was weak i couldn’t think or wonder no more i throw down my regard.

Its not over until it’s done!
As i take on this journey, as i must go.
Its not over until its done as you must know.
I am not scared to walk alone in this trying time; i know exactly where to draw the line.


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