My little prayer

Lord i seek you today, teach me your will and teach me your way.
I pray to you from the bottom of my heart,  that you may transform me and give me a new start.
Lord your only hope is what i know, my Thanksgiving to you today I’ll show.
I am a child fighting a lonely battle, i can only cry and be strong although my ship is sinking, i pray you break these chains break all the shackles.
I am weak dear lord i pray for your strength that you many guide and protect me through this lonely and long road. 
Lord on your ship i come aboard.
Rescue me, 
Stop the wave of temptation,
Heal my broken spirit and lead me home to you.
Wipe my tears and take away my struggles.
Oh Lord i beg of your mercies and your grace.  Lead me lord to know your ways.
By: Tamica James


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