I Can’t Wait 

can’t wait another day

I am in no hurry.

Like really now!!!

I can not wait another day, i have been mooning over this for months now.

All the pain, the weakness. All the kicks to my gut and the ugliness it gives my face. Why would i want to wait?

They say at the end of every dark cloud there is a silver lining, i can’t wait to se my silver lining.

Oh! I cant wait for my blessing to show, i can’t wait to hear that small cry and big wail. I can’t wait to see those small hands that been touching my inside and holding on to my umbilical cord. 

Those little feet that been kicking throughout the nights, stamping out my vagina sometimes i want to cry. 

I can’t wait until my bundle of joy arrived, my pain in the belly, my headache. I am in a whole heap a haste to see this little one’s face. 

I can’t wait, truly i can’t.


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