Moving Forward 

 Two years ago, a few days before today in this same month i realized that in the blink of on eye someone can just come into your life and without you knowing change it.

Sometimes its not worth playing the blame game, its make no sense saying someone has ruin your life, that’s just lame.

Some people come in to stay some come in to do what they are supposed to do and go away. Others come in as a mistake, some are just fake.

I never know my worth, i never know the impacts i have on people life. I never know what it was to be a mother until i carry my child for nine month and gave birth.

The child i carry has shown me a different path to travel, he as shown me light, a different part of me he unravel.

I regret a lot of thing in my past, some things i said and done to hurt my families and friends. At times i wonder who was that person i was but no matter how it happen i know it wasn’t going to last.

I am moving on past my past, i look towards my future as a new life, a new person, i was reborn the same day my son was born. 

I new person i am



I know the lord was going to fix things for me, i start to see his work, i start to see a new person, a new being… 


Tamica James

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