The wider world is on a change, daily we see things broken down and thing evolving. A world reshaping itself, cause us to think outside the box.

Our lives change and our body changes. This is about me.

When I was growing up a small child, so innocent, so shy. Never know much only know as much as I could think, as much as I could see. A world full of trees, building and lots of fun.

As I grow into a woman I realize the world I once see is there no more. Changes,challenges and many odd thing are out there, ready and waiting to devour me.

When I planned my future I never intend for mistakes or roadblocks. I never set my goal for it to stop. I never reach for the star so I could be swallowed up by the sun.

I never have a dream to only say I dream.

I was to transform from a duckling to a swan, a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Spreading my wings surfing the universe, making waves.

But as life grows and our years pass we realized that our plans are not the plans of the universe. As much as we might want to shape and reshape it, if it wasn’t meant to be its never gonna be.


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