Dear life

Thank you for throwing those obstacles at me. Thank you for  my weakness it proves my strength, thank you for failure it shows up my success.  Thank you for my  .  Heart breaks it give me solidarity.  

When am down and in distress and I dont know how I will get over it, thank you for showing me that in God I must trust.

Thank you for giving the opportunity to overcome the obstacle of giving birth.  Thank you for such a gorgeous son. 

Thank you for the scars, all the challenges I have to overcome because of them. All the discrimination,  the feeling like I am not welcome. 

Thank you for my silent tears and my louder cries, they’re my motivation. I might have bent but I have never being broken. I might have been burned but I never turn to ash! 

I am a warrior on a silent voyage,  I am militant, I stand in my own vessel ready to strike out. 

I am proud, I am deep as the ocean, in my heart is a passage that no human on earth can go through. 

Thank you life for all the things I have been through. I am thankful for all my achievements, all my failure, all my mistakes and all that’s is to come.

Thank you life.

By:Tamica James  22/10/17 

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