A year into motherhood

Waking up each morning as the sun open the sky curtain and pushes her bright yellow rays pointing them down on the grass so green and damp from the night dew. Searching the bed besides me, as and angel as slept with me through.

He twisted and turn, sometimes even screams in fright. In the middle of the night sometimes even ten times he would wake just so I dont get my rest. He squirmed and writhe as if he is putting up a fight with me just to get my breast to go to sleep.

Sometimes he would cling to me like glue as I can’t move or turn before pulling him from under my arms.

I love seeing him as he dance to his happy songs or even try to sing them as they sing-a-long.

His little steps he make, his jump for joy when he sees his cousin coming. When he call “mommy” i felt my heart moves. To see him stomping his feet in anger and cry when I took something from him… smh! Sigh!

My little bundle of joy; I remember his first cry at the hospital he wouldn’t stop, I had to just lay there and watch.

Times flies through so fast its a year now and it seems like yesterday my little baby boy was born. A blessing indeed I must say because of him I now found a difference in me. All I want is to make him happy, to make him feel important, to make him know how much I love him.

He is smart and full of life and energy its just too much to see. Its a beautiful feeling having to be call “mummy”. A mothers world is a most challenging world but as you listen to the sound of his heartbeats, hear his laughter or his cry, seeing his innocent little face its all just warm your heart. It gives you courage and strength to just want him to be happy.

At times its get really rough but never once have I thought of giving up. I never regret him a day since he was born as my son as always given me joy…


Tamica James 2/11/17


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