Dont turn back

Regardless of the road blocks, Dont turn back. When things seems like they’re not going to work out in your favor, Dont turn back.

Life has got its ups and it got its down, nothing is promise to be perfect even roses got thorns. Where there is a will there must be a ways, everything happens for a reason, everything happen in a season. Life is full of surprises you see, so dont let a little gap allow you to feel like you’re not worthy. Every road you take its a another journey to bigger beginnings. Better things.

No road is the same experience, nothing comes out the same way, All you of to do is just pray. Life journey is hard at times but stay focus, stay motivated and be encourage thats you can go on. People are going to make discouraging comment you’re going to feel like you dont want to go or you make the wrong choice but keep on going and know that this is just life. You have to move on. Not everyone is going to be happy for you, not everyone is going to be there for you but to yourself be true.

Tamica James 27/4/18


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