He showed up

God showed up for me right on time, he is an on time God.

In the midst of my battle when all seem lost, when my biggest fear sets it’s face upon me, when i felt the last string pop, when depression got me so far down, when i felt to cut the rope, to tie the knot, to break the bottle. God showed up.

He showed up just in time to give comfort. He showed up just in time to wiped my tears away, to lift my heavy burden, to take away my fears, to tell me its going to be ok, to comfort my broken heart, to heal my bruised spirit. He showed up and without a doubt he was right on time.

I was at the end of the bridge ready to jumped off when God showed up. He pulled me down and said my daughter its going to be alright. I was angry, i was afraid, i was weaken by frustration, i felt like i was shot, like a bullet had Peirce through the flesh of my skin sinking itself deep into my bone, eating through the disc of my blood. I felt like a dead person for i thought this was it. Today was my day to die, today i would have end my life, today was the day i wouldn’t see my son again. Today was the day a stranger let me feel strange, a friend let me feel friendless, hope have me hopeless but God as was promise in his words, “i will never leave you or forsake you” showed up right on time. Thank you Jesus 🙏🏻

By: Tamica James 5/7/18

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