The boy i love

my son.

Now two years old, and every day i considered him a gift from God. I might not have a world of gift to spoil him with, but what i have belongs to him. My love, my laugher, my attention, my word, my teaching, my hopes for him. He brings out a new me, he let me know my worth and being a mother he gives me new responsibilities. His tears are my tears and his sickness are mine, i nurture him i nurse him, i care for him.

Late at night 🌒when the world’s asleep and only the crickets and the firefly’s are awoken, little music lits the air and his cries are so big, when my heart enlarged because i cant calm him down. The tear drops fell to my cheeks, no help for a downhearted mother who is new to a world of childhood. But two years and we going strong, prove the strength and prove how worthwhile it is to be a mother👩‍👦.

At times i want to sleep by myself but he would just cling to my neck. At times am tired 😥 and fedup!🙅🏻 But at soon as he gave me one a those smiles i just had to let up. He is cute 😍and so full of life, i just cant let him go… rude as can be but he is just being a baby. ❤❤❤

30/8/18 Tamica James


  1. Tamica you’re a great mother and I know you will grow your son in the right way… Just keep up the good work you’re doing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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