The future

It was so much fun getting to be around these little ones for my teaching practice for the past two months, my journey has ended but am surely gonna miss these little ones, who thought me so much there is to life. Their tears, their laugher, their occasional little unexpected comments, their fusses and their fights. The way they stick to me and the way how i bring out the best in them. It is so important to take care of our future, it is important to let them feel welcome and feel special. It is our duty to protect them, to guide them, to ensure they’re healthy and stay positive. Life is a journey and in this journey we all have our good and bad days but we should not allow that to stop us from making the most out of it. The children are our future and it is up to us as care givers, as teachers to ensure that we motivates them, inspire them and be an example for them to follow.

Be a guide, a light through a world of darkness. Be the person who when that child sees you they can say “i want to be just like her/him when i grow up. ” a leader. Children are our most valuable gift in society and if we dont allow them to know this then we are doing our job right.

A child may lead the way, to the future as they say.

Thats why we should protect them, allow them to play, to have their way and you will see the beauty within them.

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