The day you came into this world you give me a new meaning, you gave a new title to my womanhood. You turn me into a mother, you let me feel like a new person.
I know had to start making some changes in my life, I want to change to comfort you. I want to change so I can make you into a better person than I am, I want to change so when you look at me you can be proud to call me your mother.
Regardless of my flaws you are proud of me.
Regardless of my insecurities you are proud of who I am.
Regardless of certain circumstances you know I love you and will always do.
I am a proud mother and I will always love you as my son because you brought sunshine into my life.
I deserve a son like you,
I deserve to have a child like you.
All my prayers haven’t gone in vain because God have blessed me with a wonderful son.
When you were born I felt Angels dancing around your bed I heard joy bells ringing over your head. The beauty you come with was one in a million, the doctors and nurses was awe to see how cute you were. God never made one mistake and for that I am thoroughly blessed because be favored me…
By: Tamica James 17/1/19


  1. This Is very touching it brought tears to my eyes because these words are coming form deep within your heart. Continue doing good for your son and he will see what a wonderful god bless and caring mother you are words cannot explain what kind of person you are. May Jehovah god bless and keep you too see your baby boy grow into a gentleman and make you proud. Continuing doing good. He will always love you and you will always love him unconditionally.

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