Why we both lie

We share a common bond, we speak of a certain language and sentiment only we would understand.

Our intelligence make us more captivating than most, our influence is strong and compelling.

We might be the least compatible but we understand each others in a way that we value and respect who we are.

We didn’t just lie, we lie to tell the truth. It wasn’t a plan but we know how the world works.

I didn’t lie to cover you neither did you lie to cover me. We lie because the truth was hard to tell.

We lie because we know our reality. people will never understand. We lie and different occasions. The lies were tell to protect ourselves from the truth to come out at such time.

If the lies we tell today will bring us even closer in the future then those lies were worth telling.

To make that bond, to correspond, to share love firsthand, only two of us would understand.

Tamica James


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